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After watching Dragon’s Den, in which a maple water company sought investors for their new product, Frederic sought to buy maple water at the local grocery stores. Since he could not find any at the stores, he decided to take matters into his own hands…. Pure Maple Water Company Ltd was born in early 2019.  Having grown up in Quebec, anything maple is in his blood.  Frederic strongly believes that maple water should and will replace coconut water as the go-to product in the beverage industry. 


The year 2021 marks a shift in strategy at Pure Maple Water Company Ltd. Frederic saw a need for increased efficiency and reliability for the product.   This year, PMW will use maple water concentrate instead of the traditional maple water.   Instead of having to pack all the year’s supply in March, PMW can now package at any time during the year and tailor the packaging to meet the different market requirements such as language and a regulatory requirement on the packaging. The financial, marketing, and sales strategies will benefit enormously from the shift from the tetra Pak to the can.  The risk of breakage and spoilage during transportation will be dramatically reduced.  As well, the cost of shipping will also reflect the size reduction in a reduced shipping rate.


From Tap to Bottle

Pure Maple Water is natural water harvested directly from Canadian maple trees. In cold weather, water is drawn up into the branches of the tree to protect the tree during Canada’s harsh winters. Then, during the warmer weather in the spring, the water flows back down into the trunk of the tree. It is collected through a special kind of tap placed into the tree known as a “spile.”

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Natural Superfood

Pure Maple Water is a source of 46 bioactive compounds, electrolytes and minerals that make a distinct impact in the way our body functions and operates. Maple Water is also a great source of antioxidants that help your body function and regulate the all natural way. What comes out of the tree is clear, pure water imbued with subtle sweet maple flavour and containing all the natural, organic nutrients and minerals collected as a result of its long journey through the tree.


Our Sustainability Goals

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Clean Water Initiative

Pure Maple Water is a product of the natural world that belongs to all of us. We feel that no one should go thirsty or without clean water. Stay tuned for more. 


Grow Canada's Forest

Pure Maple Water is Certified Organic by CertCanada and NAPSI Certified to ensure the highest standards of sustainable harvesting.


Moving Towards Carbon Neutrality

We at Pure Maple Water feel that our job is not done until we can leave the environment healthier than we found it. 


Most of all we are committed to making a better and healthier world.

So help us on our mission by spreading the word with our #pureworld hashtag and let us know how you are making a difference. We are always excited to hear from you and are eager to support you and your friends into making our planet a little better.

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